Self Leveling Floor installed in Ajax

During early December TTM Finishes was asked to help prepare a large older factory for new office space for Intact Insurance in Ajax. The floor was heavily worn and gouged after over 40 years of use as a manufacturing and later computer recycling facility. Intact Insurance wanted to have carpet as the final floor for this new office area.

Due the heavy gouging and pitting, TTM Finishes advised the general contractor that the best approach would be to grind down some of the concrete, then shot-blast specific portions of the floor to clean out gouges and pits that weren’t affected by the concrete grinding. Once completed and cleaned the surface was prepared with adhesive and our staff then applied Ardex K-55 self leveling underlayment concrete to a floor area of approx 12,000 sf in order to fill in the gouges and pits and resurface the concrete, giving carpet installers a new smooth surface on which to applied the new carpet directly.

Both the general contractor and facility management we’re pleased with the result of the floor.