Cleaning and surface preparation.

Sandblasting is an effective method of cleaning and preparing surfaces for refinishing. It is used to gently clean brick and wood surfaces or to aggressively strip metal and concrete surfaces of existing rust, paint, dirt and contaminants in preparation  for the application of a new high performance coating to interior or exterior building surfaces or to industrial equipment.

Sandblasting Brochure

Sandblasting Technology and Media

At TTM Finishes, we can assist you with your next painting or floor finishing project. Our arsenal of sandblasting equipment includes the newest technology in portable slurry and abrasive blasting systems, including recycled glass, aluminum oxide, garnet, jet mag, black beauty, white lightning, walnut shells and corn cob.

Contact us and we’ll recommend the right sandblasting technology and medium for:

  • Removing rust, scale, paints, stains, glues, grease and dirt
  • Prepareing surfaces for painting and refinishing
  • Rejuvenating base material for surface finishing

Surface Cleaning and Preparation for Proper Coating Adhesion

At TTM Finishes, we know that surface preparations is the most vital part to ensuring a flawless paint or floor finish. Sandblasting is only one of many methods we use to prepare a surface. Depending on the type of surface, the amount of cleaning needed and the coating system to be applied, we may also recommend power washing, concrete grinding, or concrete scarifying as part of the preparation process.

For more information about cleaning building surfaces or preparing building interiors or exteriors for painting and floor finishing, contact us.