Acid Staining

Multiple stained concrete applications and designs.

Add depth, interest and a high-end look to your concrete floors with acid staining from TTM Finishes Inc. Nothing compares to the chameleon-like characteristics of concrete floors stained with acid. From the look of a high-end variegated marble floor to the burnished sheen of copper, you can have the look you desire for your professional office space, residential home, retail space or any other space where design and cost matters.

Much more economical than other flooring choices, acid stained concrete offers you more design options at a better value than traditional flooring options. Acid stained floors give you the most visual impact with the minimal impact on your flooring budget.

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Why acid stain concrete floors

Endless Colour and Design Options
From variegated marble and mottled stone patterns to large stone tiles, acid stained concrete can mimic a variety of modern and high-end looks.

Multiple Applications for Stained Concrete
Acid stain can be applied to basements, living rooms, bathrooms, walkways, entrances, driveways, patios, high traffic areas and even vertically to any cementitious surface.

Minimal Maintenance
The tough coating resists stains and easily cleaned with a dry or wet mop.

When compared to other flooring options, acid stained concrete is a fraction of the cost. Why cover up your concrete floors, when they can be an attractive feature of your home for an affordable price?

Integrate graphics into the design for a one-of-a kind, custom look.

Non-porous Surface
For those with allergies, acid staining is a good choice. Unlike porous tile grout, acid stained concrete inhibits mold growth

Nominal Environment Impact
Reduce your overall environmental footprint by choosing to acid stain your concrete floors. Acid stained concrete is a much greener choice than laminate flooring and retains heat better, improving the energy efficiency of your building.

Flood Resistant
After a flood, cleaning up acid stain concrete is quick and easy, unlike wood and laminate flooring which needs to be removed and then replaced.

Whether you are installing a new floor or renovating an existing surface, TTM Finishes can help. We acid stain all sorts of floors from small residential lofts to large commercial & warehouse floors.

If you have any questions about acid staining concrete floors, contact us.

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