Commercial Painting

On time, on budget, with minimal disruptions. Guaranteed.

TTM’s commercial painting solutions include a complete range of services, from scheduling and planning assistance (coating options and their costs, benefits, lifespan, etc.) through to site preparation and project completion. Our crews are WHMIS trained and certified and trained to use a wide range of aerial-lift platforms to complete jobs safely and properly.

Commercial Painting Brochure


We specialize  in commercial projects of all sizes, shapes and colours

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping complexes
  • Arenas & entertainment venues
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Manufacturing & production facilities
  • Transportation facilities
  • Underground parking garages


We offer complete site preparation services to ensure the best possible surface

Every good commercial painter knows that the secret to quality results is preparing the surface properly before a coating system is applied. TTM Finishes provides all preparation services to create a flawless finish. including Powerwashing,  Wet Blasting and Sandblasting including Dustless Sandblasting.


We use quality painting and coating products to deliver optimal performance and long-term value

Depending on the type of surface, there are many options for finishing. Over the years, we have painted many different types of surfaces, such as concrete, bricks, metal and stucco, and know what products will work best for each application.

  • Oil and latex paints
  • Direct-to-metal and rust primer coatings
  • Specialty direct-to-metal epoxy coatings
  • Industrial enamels
  • Low-emission VOC coatings
  • Numerous epoxy coating materials
  • Urethanes, polyurethanes
  • High-adhesion coatings for dirty environments
  • Dryfall paints
  • Flame-retardant coatings
  • Specialty coatings


Want to get started? We’re here to help.

If needed, we can schedule our work around your business operating hours in order to minimize interruption and downtime. Contact us to find out more about our commercial painting services.