Concrete Shaving & Scarifying

Mill, strip, or resurface concrete.

Shaving and Scarifying concrete can be a fast, affordable and permanent solution to problems such as raised concrete, raised curbs, spalled and pitted concrete or other trip hazard dangers. Our scarifying equipment is an excellent way to repair and restore concrete to a permanently, safe condition, quickly and inexpensively.

Concrete Shaving and Scarifying Explained

While scarifiers use metal flails to cut down concrete, with a simple change of blades they can be used to gently stripe thick coatings and mastics. Our self-propelled concrete Shaver uses diamond blades to mill the concrete. Each pass of shaving can cut from 1/16 to 1/4 inches deep and 13 inches wide.

This can be very effective when you have to have to remove large areas of concrete or need to reduce the height of concrete down by a significant depth. The concrete shaver can remove from 1/4″ to several inches with multiple passes.

Watch Video - Concrete Scarifying

We have used the concrete shaver to mill down spalled concrete surfaces in order to give floors completely new surfaces.

With a blade spacing change, our shaver can be used to groove concrete in order to create a slip resistant safety tread surface and help you avoid potential trip-and-fall injuries and legal liability claims.

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