Concrete Repair

Restore your floors.

Holes and cracks often appear in concrete floors in high traffic factory and warehouse floors. Its important that holes are prepped properly and repaired with the proper materials. Improper repair can lead to operational delays and further problems to existing floor slabs. We can carry out repairs that are fast, affordable and permanent solution to your concrete repair problems.

Concrete Repair Services

Examples of Our Concrete Repair Work

The photos on the right show the concrete around a drain in a commercial kitchen. It had been previously been repaired with concrete material. This material later cracked and the water began to leak under the surface.

We cleaned out the weakened concrete patch that was previously applied and prepared the area for epoxy mortar. Epoxy mortar in this situation is the best material to use as it makes the area around the drain completely waterproof. A topcoat of grey epoxy was later applied to the entire kitchen floor area.

Get help for your concrete floors. Let our experts help with concrete leveling, crack chasing and joint filling, moisture control and much more. Contact us for a free concrete repair estimate.

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