Power Washing

High-pressure cleaning

Power washing is one option we use to clean and remove dirt, paint or contaminants from interior or exterior building surfaces. It’s a vital first step in preparing a surface for the application of new paint or other coating system.

At TTM Finishes, we have an extensive line of both hot and cold water high pressure washers available to meet your project needs. Power washing or pressure cleaning can be a green cleaning method. Chemicals are usually not required to clean most surfaces.

Contact us for help determining whether or not your particular situation may require the use of cold or hot water power washing, or more aggressive industrial detergents or chemicals to aid in the cleaning and surface preparation process.


Surface cleaning and preparation is one of the most important steps when it comes to painting and floor finishing. The surface has to be free of contaminants in order for the coating system to adhere. Power washing is only one of many methods we use to prepare a surface.

Depending on the type of surface, the amount of cleaning needed and the coating system to be applied, we may also recommend the sandblastingconcrete grinding or concrete scarifying.

For more information about cleaning building surfaces or preparing building interiors or exteriors for painting and floor finishing, contact us.