Factory Safety Lines

Industrial floor painting.

Create a safe and productive environment with factory safety line painting by TTM Finishes. Designate walkways, loading areas, inventory storage areas and bring order to high traffic areas in your manufacturing facility, shop or distribution centre.

We can recommend the right solution, treatment and colour to meet your needs and budget.

Factory Safety Lines Brochure

Safety Line Solutions

Standard paint: most economical in the short-term

Epoxy coatings sealed with urethane: semi-permant durability

Epoxy coatings sealed with urethane and applied to shotblasted concrete: most economical in the long-term and most durable in high traffic areas

Safety Line Treatments

  • Photo illuminescent (glow in the dark) surface treatments
  • Antislip surface treatments
  • Epoxy, ultraviolet and thermoplastic coating solutions

Surface Preparation

Before painting factory safety lines, we ensure the surface is properly prepared. By diamond grinding or shotblasting your concrete before applying paint or coatings, we ensure that your factory safety lines will last as long as is possible.

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