Concrete Floor Finishing

Many floor finishing options to choose from.

A good quality floor should be durable, dustless, easy to clean – and attractive. In other words, it must help you balance your capital and maintenance costs.

Whether you are installing a new floor or renovating an existing surface, TTM Finishes can help. With more than 15 years of experience grinding and polishing, repairing and beautifying concrete floors, we deliver long-term value for your concrete floor finishing project.

We have experience applying a wide range of concrete floor coating systems for industrial environments to high-end commerical offices and retail store fronts.

Concrete Floor Finishing Options

Acid Staining
Acid stained floors give the most visual impact with minimal expense. Best suited for professional office space, residential home, retail space or any other space where design and cost matters.

Concrete Polishing
Concrete polishing creates a durable long-lasting granite, tile or stone-like finish to your floors, so you’ll save in the long-term on maintenance costs.

Decorative Concrete
Decorative concrete options – acid staining, dyeing, smooth or texture stamping, engraving and antiquing – are simple, inexpensive and attractive solutions for covering existing flooring problems.

Epoxy and Polyaspartics
These hardwearing coating systems can be applied directly to concrete surfaces with little to no preparation. The seamless, high gloss finish is both an attractive and practical choice for commercial kitchens, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, warehouses, recreational facilities, hospitals, garages and other environments with heavy foot or equipment traffic.

Professional Concrete Floor Finishing

For a quality finish for your concrete floors, contact us at TTM Finishes. We have the professional equipment, quality floor coating products and the over 40 years of experience restoring and beautifying concrete floors for a variety of industrial, commercial and residential projects.

Floor Finishing