The right tool for the job.

The key to professional results for any type of concrete floor project is having the right tools for the job. With our line-up of professional, high-capacity concrete flooring equipment – concrete grinders, scarifiers and shavers – we able to prepare, repair and finish concrete floors quickly for small to very large projects.

Concrete floor preparation, repair and finishing equipment

HTC Grinding Machines – used to strip carpet glue, tile glue, paint, epoxy coatings, floor sealers and other difficult to remove materials from concrete floor surfaces, and to add a finishing polish to concrete floors.

Scarifyers and Shavers – used to level uneven floors, correct spalled or pitted floors and decrease floor height.

Pressure Washers – used to clean dirt and paint from concrete floors in preparation for new coating.

Sandblasters – used to remove chemical and other tough set-in concrete floors stains or to create an anti-slip surface.

With our concrete floor finishing equipment, our skilled staff is able to repair, restore or finish concrete to a safe and much more attractive condition. For any type of job – large or small – and for any type of concrete floor project – polishing, repairing finishing or levelling – we have the equipment needed to get the job done at a level of quality you expect from a company in business for over 40 years.

Floor Finishing